Tuesday, March 23, 2010

less is so much more..

As a single mom,
I am learning day by day
that I need so much less
then I ever thought!

I remember in years;
and what feels like lifetimes,
looking to move
and having a list of things
that were needed
in a home..
walk in closets,
garden tubs,
yada yada yada!
and at the time..
they mattered!

But, now?
we have no tub...
and we have very little storage
and we have no sidewalks
and we have few closets let alone one we can walk in!
But, I am taking it a step further,
We live in a 3 bedroom home.
I have 3 kids.
and all of these kids
want a place of their own.
and guess what?
I have a place of my own.
its my home...
it my kids...
they are my heart!
My room?
walls surrounding a bed...
to my daughter a haven!
to me?
a simple good bye!

I am not doing any thing special..
I am moving to the pull out couch
to buy some peace..
I am giving my girls
their own rooms..
space for their things...
room to be individuals...
control in an out of control life...
stability in a confusing world.
so simple..so big..such a luxury..
but one, of few, that I can provide!

Doing this is not such a big deal..
mothers give up things daily for their children,
they give their lives..
their souls..
this is just a bed!

Its not about the action,
its about the realization;
we are surrounded by so much
that means so little.
and yet what we give and share
is what brings us peace.
its the moments we give away
and cause a smile
that feel like home in our hearts.

Downsizing has never felt so wonderful..
nor brought me more joy!
and ultimately I hope, more joy for the two little girls
I love so much who can now 'poster' away their rooms!:)
being a 'single mom'
feels really good right now!:)


  1. You've given your daughters a very unique gift - their own space. Not sure I'd have been quite this generous, but I admire you for doing it.
    They'll never forget your gift - it will mean more than anything you could ever buy them. Memories are more important than "stuff".

  2. You are such an awesome mother! REAL mothers are selfless! You, my friend, are a REAL mother! :) Inspiring.

  3. That is so sweet of you...I don't think I could do that! I enjoy having my own bedroom. Guess I am spoiled! LOL! I know your girls are going to thrive with their new rooms. I hope it works out well for you too!!!!!

  4. I so agree with you! I live sandwiched between two subdivisions that have homes twice the size of mine. At one time I thought how I would love to move to one of those bigger houses. But now, I realize that I barely keep up with the house I have now with the cleaning and upkeep. AND I can afford my current house and still have money for other things. That's what makes it all the more just the right size.

  5. I think as we get older...... our values change and some of the things that that we value, cannot be bought.

    Nuts in May

  6. anon-so tru..memories count so much more.

    Brittany- beautiful-real moms are selfless!! I think of my mom when I read this.

    SueAnn-thank you!! I hope it works our for them too!

    mamma has spoken- such true words.

    Maggie May- I wish I had blogged that!:) SO TRUE!!

  7. We do tend to get too hung up on what a room's intended purpose is. No reason in the word the front room can't be a bedroom indeed!

  8. Hi Debbie, I never thought I needed more than just my boy. it's strange isn't it. i am leading a more simple life, perhaps I am just simply broke. haha. But seriously am trying to lead a life of quality with my boy... something I could not do with my ex. Missed coming by ... sorry dear