Tuesday, March 16, 2010

who would have thought it??

I have goals..
and dreams.
and they are mine alone.

Sure, I have hopes for my kids..
and visions of what I would like for the 'family'..
but I have discovered
that I know what my 'dreams' look like.
And the biggest part?
Its not about another.
My dreams are mine..
alone..or in a partnership.

No more basing my hearts desires
on who I love,
and what they want.

I know life changes..
I get that..
But, why not work towards living my life,
the way I WANT to live it.

and how is that??
I want a LITTLE home..
I want a small but decent amount of land.
I want a pool..
(to teach lessons in)
and a horse..
maybe for the same thing..
but completely,
for me.
I want chickens,
I want a barn that can house all the stray cats that wonder our way.
I want orange trees..
and a garden.

This would make me happy.
Its not where I work,
or what I do..
or who I am!
its where I live.
A part of the whole..
but one day I would like
that part
to represent more of the whole of me..

and now that I know that,
and understand that I am not waiting for someone else
to come along,
and help me decide what my desires might be..
I can move in the direction
of my 'dreams'..
and just knowing that,
makes my heart smile!


  1. You must live in the sun to want orange trees and a pool. Lucky you!

  2. Those are all great things to want. I bet you get all of them!

  3. I love your vision of your perfect home.

  4. I love this...good for you...I hope you get them all!

  5. Great vision. I love reading these. And keep your heart smiling!