Friday, March 26, 2010

not the blind side..the right side

My kids and I watched a wonderful movie
The blind side!
I normally would not rent a PG-13 movie
for them.
I was nervous
but happily surprised!
An amazing movie!

The thing that struck me the most
as I was watching,
was how often my kids said
"mom you are just like her".
(her being the Sandra bullock character)
She took in this young man and gave him a home.
My kids know I believe in compassion.

Watching the movie
hearing them often exclaim,
"mom you would so do that"..
made me realize I don't just believe in compassion
I live it!
enough for my kids to see a 'compassionate person'
and think of me!
and that is IN SPITE of all the WRONG examples I set!
Goodness there are enough of those!

As moms (and I am sure dads too)
and especially as single, working (read guilty) moms
we see so much of what we do wrong!
we see the moments we are irritable,
or tired,
or late!
We see the moments we forgot something
or blew something off because we were so done!
We see all the bad..
we worry about the 'legacy' we are leaving..
we worry about the time we are giving our kids,
and the impact we are having on them.

Tonight helped me see
kids see past our circumstances
and straight to the core of who we are!
They know the real us,
our flaws and our failures!
But, they watch us enough
to know our love and our sacrifice...
the legacy we leave
may not be time,
fancy vacations,
or even constant availability..

its a legacy of love
that gives even when its bled dry..
and then gives some more!
They see that..
when we think they are not looking
they are reading our hearts!


  1. this is such a great post. thanks for sharing. Your kids are wonderful for telling you that, and Im sure its ture.
    have a good weekend.

  2. Debbie dear, I am having goosebumps. That is how my kid behaves. He knows me so well and knows when I am hurting or tired or angry. You are right it is the Legacy of Love. He was taught to be considerate and caring I am indeed feeling it. Feeling his heart for me. Blessings to you and kids dear.

  3. That is so true! They do see and nothing escapes their probing eyes!! My son, now 42 years old, is now a wonderful caring husband and father. My DIL always thanks me for him. LOL! I guess he "saw" too!

  4. Cannot wait to see this movie. Feeling awful for Sandra Bullock these days. They watch and model. Your kids will be wonderful because they've been taught by a master :)


  5. So true! I need to see that movie.

  6. Oh this made me cry. I love this post Debbie! Beautiful!

  7. What a HUGE compliment your children gave you and you should be so proud to be the person they are seeing.
    Your kids will be a welcome addition to this world thanks to you

  8. I was supposed to go and see this movie this week with some girlfriends Debbie but I was too tired. I will definitely have to go and rent it. Your posts always have passionate written all over them. This was beautiful!

    I tagged you in a post today. (Saturday)

  9. HEY HEY! Thanks for you comments on my blog. I love reading them!

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