Saturday, February 13, 2010

he loves me...not

so where does that leave you on valentines day?
This is the 2nd valentines day in about 19 years,
that I have been alone.
and its the 2nd year that I have decided..
there are many worse places to be.

Its hard to ignore the holiday...
the cards are everywhere...
chocolates and teddys abound..

But, the reason behind the holiday
can get lost!
it celebrates love!
it celebrates like!
it celebrates hope and happy endings!

I have love!
I have my Lord!
I have my children!
I have parents and sisters who I love and am loved by..
and I have friends...who share my life and love me and are loved in return.

I have Like!
I like pink!
I like pets!
I like volkwagon bugs!
especially pink ones!:)
I like life!

I have hope!
I know that there might be someone for me one day!
That gives me hope!
I know that if there's not, I am OK!
That gives me peace!

I have my happy ending!
Its not what I expected!
BUT, if my life ended today,
I would not regret a moment!
I have given all I am to those I love and have loved!
I have lived as I believe!
I have been apart of the lives
of three amazing people!
and I have touched and been touched by the lives around me!

If valentines celebrates true love;
then sign me up!
I truly love; who I am, where I am and where I am going!
Happy valentines day!


  1. I see Valentines Day as over-rated.....

  2. Hi Debbie,

    The problem is, Valentines day no longer celebrates true love for if it did then every day would be Valentines. Sadly I fear it is now just a device to sell more greetings cards, confectionery, Roses and perfume During a month that is generally quiet for the economy following christmas. (how cynical am I?)
    For what it's worth though, Happy Valentines Day!
    Steve x

  3. You are awesome!!! Happy Valentine's Day to you, Debbie!

  4. mamma has spoken- and steve- I agree! it is commercialised! BUT I also think people always say every day should be valentines day at yet don't act like that! In truth sometimes its important to have the reminder to tell someone you love them! I am not BIG on all the trappings but I love the idea of valentines day..a day all about hearts and pink and love!!*sigh*

    NAT- YAY! I love when my friends stop by, it makes me happy!!!:) happy valentines day to you to!!

  5. Happy True Love Day! You are so blessed. Best, Pippi

  6. As ususal, you inspire others with your posts! What a beautiful tribute to LIFE! Great job Deb.

  7. pipster- thanks, same to you!!

    Steph- my girl!! as stated above LOVE when my gals stop by!!!! so I have been a happy blogger today!

  8. I'm with Steve on this one! I like the romance of the holiday, but not all the obligitory things that are done with it. I had a short text message today and it was lovely. Real. Enough. :). Happy Valentine's Day, Debbie :)!

  9. Personally, I'm boycotting the day except for the kid part (I always get them a heart-shaped box of chocolates). And yet, I have much to be thankful for and I know that.

  10. she writes- a short text message sent with love? PERFECT!:)

    Secret agent-I got my kiddos the gift also..they hold my heart...

  11. My hubby and I celebrate VD minimally however it's what we do the rest of the year that makes the difference. i bought him a card this year..he gave me a lady shaver I want. lol

    I love that guy! Hallmark..not so much :)