Thursday, February 4, 2010


if there MIGHT be a time...
that being alone
is the less favorable place to be..
I would say it would be when you are sick!
really! here I am..
and alone!!
No-one to bring me soup.
no-one to help pick up the house!
no-one to run to the store for throat drops..

and then I woke up!
WHEN did that ever happen??
I am mom! SICK or not!:)
so, I rethought all this..
kids are with their dad tonight!
I am alone..
and I have decided this is the best time to be alone!

No-one needs me for anything!
No-one to turn the channel!
No-one to complain about my coughing all night!
I guess there is an UP side to everything!;)


  1. Actually, I do perfer to be alone when I am sick with a tv and remote, plenty of blankets, and the dogs asleep. Of course it hardly ever works out that way for me.....

  2. Being ill sucks! you are gonna burn yourself out Debbie running at the pace you have lately.
    There is a concept named "7 habits of highly effective people" and within this is a point called "sharpening the saw".
    Imagine two wood cutters working side by side. One works none stop whilst the other takes time each day to spend 30 minutes sharpening his saw. You can imagine who will be consistently the most effective!

    The point being, your daily diary seems so full you really must take time out. You;re on your own now but your sick! Imagine taking this time out if you weren't? Nice hot bath, light a fire, your choice of movie, chinese food.

    I remember last year you blogged about quality time like this, that was before you decided to be superwoman!
    SLOW DOWN! take in the scenery once in a while!