Thursday, February 18, 2010

priorities? or just choices?

I am tired,
more tired then yesterday
and probably less tired then tomorrow.

I am behind on housework,
more so then yesterday
and less then tomorrow...

this seems to be the way it is..
in order to do what I need to,
or want to..
something has to give.

I wonder sometimes
if the kids are in too much..
they play a sport
(its a 8 week season..a church team)
they are in theater
(they recieved scholarships..such a blessing!)
son does scouts and robotics
(this is where HE finds his an out of sync life)
but, what do you give up?
where do you cut back?
I have THREE kids!
they even share activities..
(all in theater..all in the same sport..)
I want them to have this...
and yet..
in moments,
it feels to much!

and then there's me..
my main actvities are WORK,
church , and family!
Now I am getting back to working out..
but that hour a day,
is an hour that could be spent else where?
but should it??

I know that as a mom...
a working mom..
a working single mom..
this is a cycle of life I will question often!
and sometimes..
it seems to flow quite well.
and sometimes,
the laundry is piled..
the yard a mess...
the floors needs mopping..
the dog needs a bath...
the toilet..well..yuck..
and it seems too much!

UNTIL tomorrow..
when it will be more..
but my perspective will be different..
and that makes ALL the difference in the world;
or at least the day!
and for now, thats enough!:)


  1. Just popping by to check on you! Sounds like reasonable questions...I've been crazy busy...want to do so many things..then a lady in Haiti needed 4 rubbermaid bins of I dropped closets are a mess, my party for my book launch is Saturday and a house full of people will be here...and guess what...the bins will get to Haiti! Sometimes a pile of laundry is JUST a pile of is to be lived, not to be cleaned ;)

    Take your hour! Your list exhausts need to be fit to do it all!


  2. I spend half my life running and the other half wondering why I am running so hard and if it is too much.

  3. I know your pain and I have help thanks to hubby! Agree with Breeze in that in the end, the laundry will still be there waiting, the dust will get a little thicker but your sanity might not be there. Take the time for yourself and the kids. Believe me, they grow too fast and before you know it, your time filled with their activities disappears and you'll miss it...

  4. breeze-life is to be lived! so true!

    Jack- LOVED this! Sums up my life in one sentence!:)

    Mamma has spoken- I agree! I know the time will pass. I just have to remind myself I am making the better choice!

  5. What a beautiful family you have. Tell old are those kids of yours?

    And thanks so much for following :)

    Ian @

  6. same here... with hubby and 3 teens who are very capable, it still piles. You have a good perspective yet sometimes, even in the best of circumstances... things get complicated. I heard my Mom often say, "This too shall pass" and as I get older I realize more and more that it's okay to watch a few plates fall when you're protecting the china.

  7. Rest assured, as they get older you will get more time, I started young, I'm only 41 now but my youngest is 17 next week and I get to have a lie in etc. Most of my mates have young children, Whilst they were still out being young and single and partying I was attending parents evenings and teaching my kids how to swim and ride bikes. I get to put my feet up a little now! :)

  8. You have TIME (and babysitter) to workout? All I can say is consider yourself lucky. I'm so jealous I don't have time to workout once a week let a lone once a day. My ex chooses not to see the children and they are left we me 24/7. Howevere do get respite care because of my sons disabilities but that is only once a week and I use that time for my photography commitments.

    I'd so dump the Ironing and mopping of the floors if it meant I could have 1 hour to my self. Enjoy what you have. Don't feel guilty about the time or waste it. Lap it up and enjoy it for the single mums that are not as lucky as you to have the opportunity to do something for themselves once a day. :)

    And hey I've come to realize that ironing and washing always waits for you. He He He!

  9. Ian- my kids are 12, 10 and 8! :) you cracked me up by the way with your comments! (the ones not published!!lol!) so glad you stopped by!!

    Steve- YOU did start YOUNG! sheesh! I was 23 with the first and 28 with the last.! I know the time to relax is coming...:)

    Liss- no, I don't have a sitter!:) but my kids are older! so between homework and activities they go to their room, the back yard or the computer! I am sorry fr your situation as it makes it that much harder to do it alone! mine go to their dad every other weekend and a night every other week or so..sometimes weekly! i am blessed!

  10. I'm so sorry you have to go through this alone. I don't have children, but I know what a full time job they are, all on their own. I hope you find the strength to get through this!

    I'm new to your blog and I think it's just beautiful. You're a fantastic writer, so glad I found you! I'm your newest follower!

  11. anything fits- so glad you stopped by. Thank you for the kind words!!!

  12. I agree with everyone else! You DEFINITELY deserve that one hour to not be "mommy". I know you will always be mommy, with much less free time than most, but I think you are entitled to just be Debbie for one hour a day. Especially when it's for something like working out, which will benefit your children in the long run, by giving them a healthier, stronger, more energized mother. As for the toilets and long as the health department isn't banging down your door, I think you're fine!

  13. symply me - they are not knocking!!:) I agree..tonight I decided that as my Friday night work out is a little longer then the others...and its yoga not weights (so kiddos can join in) I will make that work out a family affair!! ALWAYS looking for guilt free moments! HA HA!!!

  14. Debbie--you said a mouthful here. Even married, and with only two kids, those feelings of being overwhelmed catch up with me frequently. (And I am YEARNING for a You need that hour, though--good for you for recognizing that and latching on to it. It's going to refresh and energize you, and renew you for those loads of laundry and runs to practice, and late night suppers, and everything else that manifests itself.

    And these dudes on your blog are cracking me can edit that if you want ;)

  15. You know, there's probably not a right or wrong to this. But i do thing carving out soem time to attend to your own health is not just important, it's vital.

  16. Lori-agreed. its important for the energy needed just to survive!!!! glad you stopped by!:)

    secret agent important! yet so time consuming!:)