Saturday, February 27, 2010

I am being roasted....


  1. Saw it!! Read it!! Loved it!! I am now following you! Hehehehehehehe

  2. Hi Debbie!

    Just popped over from Eddie's to congratulate you on a wonderful Roast. I enjoyed it very much. And looky... my comment follows my dear darling delightful SueAnn. It's always a good day when my comments follow hers.

    Also signing up to Follow your blog. We awesome gals gotta stick together, you know?

    Looking forward to getting better acquainted!

    ♥ Alix at Casa Hice

  3. Hi slommler- thanks again!

    Alix- yay! I popped over to read and follow you too...!

  4. Great roast, Debbie - always knew you are a winner. Thanks for appearing on the show ~ Eddie

  5. Love Eddie! Will see him soon to see you :).

  6. Great interview. I left a comment there, but realize it was something I catully ougt to be saying to you. What I said there was:

    "I've been reading Debbie's blog for a little while now. As a fellow single mom, we have had some similar experiences. She and I have different religious/political orientations, but I think there is a mutual respect and caring there that transcends that, which I consider a true joy."

  7. she writes- yes..he is great!

    Secret agent woman- Thanks for what you said and I could not agree more! THERE is definatly a mutual respect and caring!!!

  8. I read your roasting and it was fab. YAY you :0)

  9. Hi Debbie . . . enjoyed your roast, and your blog is great. Tough to bare one's soul like this but I admire your courage. You are definitely a winner in my book!

  10. What a great roast, now I can't wait to read more since this was my first post.

  11. Eternally distracted- thank you:)

    Gaston studio- thanks for stopping by:)!

    knucklehead- that means alot thanks!

    Jen- I am glad you stopped by!! thank you!