Monday, February 15, 2010

sometimes its this..sometimes something else

As a single mom;

there are some days that I feel in over my head,
too many places to be..
too much to do..
not enough time.

some days I feel guilty and helpless;
when my son came home the other day and I knew
he must go back on that bus..
and I knew I had to go back to work..
and that I could not just make this all go away,
I felt helpless.

some days I feel tired.. alot of days I feel tired.

and then there are days..
that I feel empowered.
I feel empowered when circumstances allow me
to provide extra for my children.
I feel empowered when I realize that I am with my kids,
and we are doing things..
and being together,
and I am completely comfortable in my role.
I feel empowered
when I realise we are really living life..
this is our life,
and most of the time we are living it well!

and then sometimes the SMALLEST things
make me feel like SHERA queen of the jungle..:)
tonight I changed the light bulbs...
in the ceiling lights! ALONE!
yes small..
but big when you consider we have been using flashlights!
(Sad I know.)
as the whole idea of climbing up high;
(ok..I have a fear of heights and standing on a HIGH!)
and figuring out how to get the light off the ceiling,
freaked me out!!:)

so there is a first time for everything..
and the small things
cause us the greatest growth.
sometimes the big things are unavoidable..
but we can go a long time without having to do the small things!
SO when we do..
and the light bulb literally goes on;)
its HUGE!!

I can do the big and the small..
one more more moment.. a lifetime of learning still to go!


  1. This brought tears to my eyes! I am proud of you! Yes, changing a light bulb may seem like a small feat for some, but for you it was a turning point further down the road of independance. I admire that. You go girl!

  2. Keep up with what you're doing. It is the accomplishment of the small stuff that we gain the experience for the bigger things...

  3. Baby steps.
    You will continue to surprise yourself I am sure because I have been there. Now I am a regular mr. (ms) fix-it

  4. *applause* Don't yah feel great when you accomplish those little things???

  5. Wait till you get a power drill in your hands and you start constructing furniture. There be no stopping you.
    Remember mum's can do almost anything but we single mums can do and do, do everything! Keep up the great work.

  6. I know about feeling overwhelmed too! For me thinking about making dinner after work makes me anxious and it's only 8am. The little things do make a difference.

  7. Hehe I couldn't help thinking of the infamous "how many _____ does it take to change a lightbulb?" jokes when reading your post. Well done though. If you list the things you've achieved alone they are racking up now! You've found a place to live, made a fire, bought a car, changed a bulb! You really don't need a man Debbie!

  8. symply me- thank you! Encouragement helps a lot!

    teachinforth- so true.

    hissyfits and halos- It did feel good:)!

    Liss- so true that all moms can..single moms DO..there is really no choice!

    the pipster-it is so easy to feel overwhelmed. one moment at a time, huh?

    Steve- ha ha!! and you are right..I don't need one! makes me all the better when the day comes I meet one:)..

  9. do not minimize the act of changing a light bulb, I can never do that, Im always afraid I will electricute myself!

  10. You go girl!! I'm proud of you :)

  11. michelle and Candice- thankyou..its true that it seems BIG now that we can actually see at night!LOL!