Monday, February 1, 2010


My son is extremely bright!
Not in a run of the mill way..
but in a 'big bang theory' (the show!!) way!
He is logical TO A FAULT!
and conversations are like pulling teeth!

"Can you put that away?"
"yes mom, I can put that away!"
"UGH! WOULD you put it away NOW!!"

"did you complete your homework"
"define complete please?"

If there is a loop hole, he will find it!
word games are his pleasure and passion! and he will win!

as a toddler if I said "jump in the tub"..
he would!! jump that is!
I learned not to say "hop in the car"
"run and fetch me something"..
and other literal sayings!!
He is serious and formal..and a complete trip!

Today he said two classic things!!!
The first
mom "son are you feeling ok?"
son "I do not feel well".
mom "oh no, are you getting sick?"
son "mom, just because I do not feel well, does not mean I am getting sick."
mom "ok, how does that work?"
son "well, mom, you can not feel well and not be sick. But, if you are sick it can be assumed you are not feeling well."

dadgum it...that makes sense!!

The next a few minutes later!
son "I have been feeling queasy in my stomache for a few days!"
mom "sometimes emotions cause that! you have some emotional things happening with friends at school. You don't like complications!"
son " I like Logic puzzles and they are complicated."
mom "yes. but you are dealing with relationship complications. Do you think girls are like logic puzzles?"
son "no! logic puzzles come with clues to help you solve them. Girls do not!"

COMPLETELY serious and sincere!
The most brilliant thing he has ever said!! :)
he gets it!! he really gets it!


  1. lol! Your son is a geneous! At least he know what to expect out of women

  2. That is superb! He sounds like good company. I bet you can learn a lot from listening to his perceptions.

  3. He is totally Big Bang like. I love that show and he is my favorite character. I think it is awesome.

  4. Yes he sure has got it... very smart kid.

  5. Bright young man for sure! Future English teacher for sure.

  6. So basically he's another Bill Clinton? ;)

  7. he sounds like an absolute genius - love it!!