Sunday, August 15, 2010

balance and champions..

so after seeing the movie
that everyone is talking about,
I came away thinking about 2 things!

The first is balance.
when we get it,
how do we keep from loosing it?
and is that even possible
in a relationship!!?

I went on my own 'eat/pray/love' journey!
Mine was a journey within
rather then a journey without..!
After my relationship ended;
I set aside a year!
Made a RULE;
no relationships-
no dates-
no distractions!
And I focused on 'me'.
I got over the loneliness
and I learned how to be happy
with my own company!
I faced the hurts and the past
and I said goodbye to the sadness.
Then the year passed
and I found I was still in the process.
Now , almost 2 years later,
I have found my balance,
my 'centered'ness,
my core.
I am content alone!
and I wonder-
do I even want to take a chance
at spinning randomly off center ever again?

there was a line in the movie that struck me.
Julia says "why does everyone keep saying I need a man."
Her love interest says;
" you don't need a man; you need a champion".

That spoke to my heart!
and I realized..
I do not want a date,
or a fling,
or to waste time on wasting time!
BUT, when someone comes along;
who understands my scars and hurts-
who knows that I have left the past
where it belongs,
but I will always carry reminders
of what my heart has been through.
someone willing to be my champion!
Then I will take a chance,
then I will be willing
to allow my balance
to veer off center...
and disturb the settled contentedness
in my life..

but it shall not be for just any man!
IT shall be for a champion...!
and in return
I shall love as I know I can-
and be all I know I can be!
I shall give every ounce of my all-
as that is what I do..

until then...
I shall continue to enjoy my balance!


  1. Wait for your champion, Debbie. It is worth the wait! And in the meantime keep living life triumphantly just like you do. God's strength shines through you. I'm proud to be your friend.
    P.S. Can you come to book club tomorrow?

  2. I love that! I feel the same way. I'm so happy with just being "me", that I'm not sure there is a man out there that can truly make me happy. I'm complete in Jesus! What more do I need? Complicated gets MORE complicated when testosterone enters the picture.

  3. I haven't seen the movie, but read the book, it was okay but not great. Was the movie good. I do like Julia Roberts.....I have visions of all cheated on women taking a year off to go to Europe........:-) Hugs

  4. Bernie- I thought the book was better then the movie! BUT Julia Roberts is great in anything! It was a thought provoking movie..and yes, it makes you want to run away for a while..:)!!! and then I remembered that I would not run unless my kids could run with me...

  5. I really like this post. I need to take time and figure me out. I kind of got side tracked from this!

  6. Good for you for taking all that time for yourself. Every divorced parent should do the same. As for champions - you're one too!

  7. Your champion may be closer than you think.