Tuesday, August 10, 2010

wow..what a ...day!

First day back at work...
took some adjusting!
I could not quite put my finger on it,
then right before I went to bed
I realized what it was!
I was lonely!!!
I came from a work situation
where I knew everyone well!
worked with one of my best friends!
Hugged people in greeting,
knew the kids,
knew the parents..
felt 'known'.
I had forgotten what 'starting over' feels like!

I then came home to a plumbing emergency...
only toilet we have,
not working!!
I rushed out the door
to take my youngest to voice lessons!
Rushed home to a still broken toilet,
to just rush out again
to teach evening swim lessons!!

By the time I got home-
I was tired and cranky!
The landlord had fixed the toilet,
but I felt done!!
And yet- I survived it all!
The kids were great!
We all went for a walk last night,
and the one thing I did enjoy
was the simple routines
that tend to happen..
when you are stretched for time!
the non-summer routine!

So today is another day!
I have no doubt I will adjust-
swim lessons end within 2 weeks,
voice lessons only happen once a week-
yesterday was just a day!
Not a reflection of what every day will be!

Sort of like our life,
the bad moments are just that..a moment!
and they only define us,
if we let them!


  1. You'll meet people in your new job, real soon, I'm sure! Things will settle into a normal pattern. Laugh at all life throws at you, especially clogged toilets! :-)

  2. It's those bumbs in the road that reminds us that we are still alive ;o)