Thursday, August 26, 2010

forward moving..onward bound..

so I did it!
I started college!
Not in leaps and bounds,
but in baby steps..
one class at a time!

I jumped through all the hoops-
took the tests, waited in lines,
and finally registered for the last available evening class!

Tonight I went!
Nervous, unsure, and excited!
I think i will enjoy the class.
Regardless I sat there in awe!
Here I am 19 years later-
sitting in a college classroom,
listening to a professor speak to me
as if I can actually do what he is assigning!

It would be easy to regret
passing it up the first time around!
Not taking the chance when I was young,
childless and living at home!

NOW- college takes on a new definition!
single mom, 3 kids, full time job...
but, in many ways
its something else too..
NOW it is so dear!
NOW I know the price I paid!
NOW I want it so deeply
and understand the doors it opens!
NOW I sit and smile
and I am so excited to learn!
It will not be easy NOW-
but it will mean more!

so, its the start!
many years a head of me still...
upward and onward I go!


  1. WTG!!! Congrats!! I started college when I was thirty some years old!!!! And I loved every minute of it. It took me six years but I got my BFA!!!! I was thrilled that I did it and so will you dear friend!! Enjoy!!

  2. So true, it will not be easy but it will mean more.

  3. Good for you, Debbie! You should be proud of yourself. You're taking on a lot, but it'll all be worth it! Think of what you're teaching your kids. They have to respect what you're doing.