Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a blur

work is settling a bit...
Life is nuts, so normal!

However,I am struck as I face
my kids starting school in a week..
just how fast time flies.

My oldest is in his last year at middle school-
and my middle is in her last year at elementary school-

In church Sunday;
My oldest was singing the songs,
My youngest was rolling her eyes,
as he was singing a little loud for her taste..
My middle smiling at a friend-
and for a minute I glimpsed
what is to come!
This next stage of life.
Teenage years....

My legs buckled for a minute!
Its a lot to face-
and facing it alone,
in a broken home..
with all the emotions
and fractured hearts that brings;
is overwhelming!

I remember so often
when my 3 were small..
three children 4 and under-
and people would stop me,
tell me to enjoy it would pass so quickly!
And I could not imagine it flying by!
and now, I get it!
and I know it will fly by
and I am powerless to stop it!!

I love each stage-
and this one is really fun!
I love the little people they are,
the young man my son is becoming!
BUT, I am not ready to watch them keep growing-
I want time to stop!
Just for a bit-
just to let me catch up,
and hug them extra,
and pour into their lives,
and make sure I have not missed anything.

Then the clock can start again....


  1. I too miss those younger stages but hold on, these next stages are a fun ride!

  2. I know what you mean! My daughter is 4 going on 30 it seems. She'll tell you how Mommy tells her she's not allowed to grow. But she'll also tell you how she does it anyway, with a little smile on her face.

    We can't stop their growth, nor should we want to. However, I can't help but think that she'll leave me one day. :( I only have ONE!!!

    But I know we can't hinder their growth. God has given us an incredible job, to raise them up in His likeness. One day, we have to let them go. It's an extremely difficult job, but I'm up for it!

    God also has a perfect plan in all the pain we've suffered. We're stronger, and I think our children are, too. We don't know how he will use our past in our future, but it all happened for a reason. We can rest assured that God knows what he's doing. Therefore, we can be excited, for our future holds GREATNESS!