Wednesday, August 4, 2010

me.. again!!!!

Finally today
I ended the worst chapter in my life..
the chapter that had no happy ending,
many twists and turns,
no prince charming,
but instead a slave, an escape..
and a scared and lonely woman overcoming great odds!

A chapter that should never again be read..
a book that should be shredded!
and today,
the last page read....
the book was shut!
The pages never to turn again.

I FINALLY got my name back!:)
now, in true dysfunctional confusion,
I did not go back to my maiden name..
I instead chose the name I share with my children!
I have also have the papers to do this for over 18 months!
BUT, I procrastinate!

It felt so good to finally be
The name I have carried since I was 18...
a name I associate with three children I love dearly!
a name , mine by default!
No history of family belonging to me..
No relatives,
or family trees!
An odd place to be when your own name
is yours without ownership!
But, mine none the less!!

In true 'me' fashion
I bonded with the drivers license lady,
who consoled me that mistakes happen..
and some parts of our lives are better left in the past!

The smile on my new license is a GRIN!!

That is one book
I NEVER plan on reading again!


  1. That is awesome! Must be such a relief and load off.

  2. A new you and a new start! Whoo!

  3. Congrats!! So good to meet "you"!!!

  4. Congratulations on getting your name back! I kept my name for the same reason. I didn't want a different name from Hannah. She is my LIFE!