Thursday, August 12, 2010

life is so... curvy!

So I started a new job Monday-
I will admit it has been harder
then I expected!
Not the job,
but the changes.
Its a 30 minute drive..
The position I am qualified for was not available,
I took an assistant position,
and I had struggled..
as teaching is what I LOVE.
I was feeling a little lost and sad.

Then out of the blue I got a call..
actually two!
Two job offers...
ONE was the one
I had hoped for..
A position at my children's school
(the preschool beside the main school they attend.)
lead teacher for the little guys,
working with a good friend..
working the same school schedule as my kids.
So, in a dramatic curve of the road-
I have my current job notice
and start my new job next week!!

God is so good!
Working full time
while common-
takes me away from my children.
Last year I missed their field trips
and awards..
They rode the bus
and I never saw their teachers.
I felt so out of touch with their world!
a place I never want to be..
and yet a place that had to be for then.

SO excited...
To be back apart of their daily existence;
to know their teachers and their friends,
for them to know that I am there!
EVEN is I am working-
I am there!

Happy does not seem like a strong enough word
to describe how I feel..
after a rough few years
of doing what had to be done...
and making compromises to make ends meet,
I will take this new blessing
and relish it..
and move to this next step,
knowing what a luxury I have
and thankful for the gift
of getting to....
BE THERE! just be there...
simple! profound! My heart!


  1. Fan-freakin-tastic my friend. So happy for you and your family! Live is curvy! I love that..particularly since I am too ;) lol.

    This is good. Life is good. And it makes me happy that it's good for you :)


  2. So happy for you! That's so great! Congrats!!!!

  3. Awesome! I am so happy for you!! :-)

  4. WAY to go! I am so happy that you are happy!! :) GOD IS GOOD#~

  5. Praise Him from whom all blesings flow! So, so , so glad for you!!

  6. Debbie I am so happy for deserve this job so enjoy!.......:-) Hugs

  7. That is fabulous Debbie!! Congrats!

  8. Hi! I found you on New Friend Fridays :) Congrats on your new job. How nice to be on the same schedule as your kids AND to be doing what you love :) Would love to hear back from you!

  9. Congrats and I *hear* you. I've cobbled together many jobs over the last few years that kept me working part time or from home so that I could be there for my kids. It's SO important and aren't we lucky as single moms to have the option? People thought I was insane...I had a master's degree and no husband and I wasn't rushing back to use that degree????

    I LOVE teaching truly is my first love, but down here, it's not full time. I officially report for my new job Monday. It's time for me to go back full time, but my children and I, as well as my sister, will all be at the same school, so I'm hoping that will keep me "in the loop". I feel ready and I'm glad I took my time going back. Big changes!

  10. I love love love your blog. I wish the internet was available when my kids were little. Well, it was, but was very expensive..anyway, I was a single mom of 3 kids also, and can so relate. Congratulations on your new awesome job. You have a beautiful family.