Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A tribute to two people who have given me my wings...

I wear a pendant sometimes
that says
"she is on a journey to find her wings".
I love this saying!
But, in truth
I have wings!
They were given to me by my parents!

On Thursday my parents will have been married 43 years!
I have nothing to give
other then my words and my heart!

My parents have not only been
a soft landing-
they have also been tough love!
They have supported and comforted!
They have watched and worried!
They have confronted and prayed!

More then anything else they have done;
they have set the example.
Their marriage is not perfect-
relationships never are!
But, its strong and true
and REAL!
They are each others best friends!
When they have time to them selves
its each other they look forward to being with!
They still kiss and cuddle and call each other 'my love'!
They complete one another!!

They have taught me
that love can last!
That relationships are not best in the beginning-
but rather after time!
Its then that you see what really happens
when 2 people love each other
and stay together
and get to see forever!

They have shown me
hope- just by being them!

They have loved me!
They have raised me!
They have encouraged me!
and through their love
they have inspired me!

I love you mom and dad!
Happy anniversary!


  1. Lovely tribute to your parents.

  2. That is wonderful. So nice to hear of "Everlasting Love"

  3. Happy anniversary to your folks! Mine have been wed forever, as well. it's nice.