Wednesday, August 4, 2010

phew...better then expected!

So I went to my first staff meeting,
and I loved it!!!
It was a totally new experience,
lots of ladies...
different ages,
all teaching different little stages.

The teacher I will be working with,
is wonderful!
She is very like me;
relaxed and easy going..
much more about the relationship
with some structure thrown in!
She even had turtles in her room..
and as an animal lover,
that made me happy!!:)

So much of my new life
looks so different then my old.
And yet I am filled with
the same contentment I had...
when living the life of my dreams!!

It truly shows
that contentment
has nothing to do with your actual circumstances,
and everything to do with embracing
where you currently are!

Looking forward to Monday...!!!:)


  1. I think you'll need to get a class pet too. Have a great first day of school!

  2. It's all about perspective. Embracing the present moment is a wonderful approach. Enjoy!

  3. Change can be good.. hard to accept at first but may just turn out the be the life you have been waiting for.

    Sounds fabulous