Sunday, August 8, 2010

its here....

I start my new job!
restart my old life..
the one that involves
early to bed,
and early to rise!!
Weekends for cleaning,
and backpacks...
stickers and crayons!

I have mixed feelings!
BUT overall I am excited!
I am relieved!
I am a little nervous.

I keep reminding myself,
I balanced all this before!
I can do this!

Sad to see the summer end,
but so thankful I got to spend it
with my kids!
When all is said and done,
my life is blessed!
I have time with my children,
a roof over my head..
animals and plants,
and now a job to pay for it all!!:)

so, while saying goodbye to sleeping in
and playing with the kids most of the day..
is hard!!
saying hello to a new start and a new season
is very exciting!...

Hello tomorrow! I am ready!


  1. Good Luck Debbie, I know everything will work out for all of you......:-) Hugs

  2. Congrats sweetie!! A new chapter in your life. What an exciting journey you are on!!!

  3. Congratulations!! So excited for you. The transition will be tough but good times lie ahead!

  4. Congrats on the new job. Good luck!

  5. Just catching up. Hope the fist day on the new job went well!