Monday, August 2, 2010

ridiculously simple...yet it ridiculously hurts!!

so I wonder if these tiny pricks of hurt
will ever fully go away?
I am so far beyond the broken, sad person I was!
I am so much stronger!
and I am happy!
really happy in my life!

But, when a heart was once broken,
it seems the scars might still bleed

looking at some public pictures..
I glimpsed one of ex's new love!
It was taken on a trip they took.
Here is the part that pierced my heart!
NOT that they took a trip-
been there-done that!
BUT that the picture was taken of her..
by him!
AND never in all our years
(16 .. but who is counting)
do I remember him wanting to catch a moment of me!

It hits that little sore spot..
that little place
that was rejected and discarded!
and it hurts!!
I will not lie!!

It passes..
and its over!
and the scar has healed over once again!

But, I wonder...
will I always be so vulnerable?
so strong and yet so fragile?
Will my heart forever bleed
when it is pricked?
or will there come a time
the scar will knit so tight...
that pin pricks to my heart,
will not longer cause me harm?


  1. *hugs*

    That kind of thing always hurts.

  2. Ouch. I'm so sorry. Lost love is so very painful. He clearly was not the one for you though. Better things to come though in the future from someone who appreciates you!

  3. I've been there. AHHH sometimes I think I'd be better off without facebook!

  4. I totally understand that one! I have those little pricks all the time, as you know. He wouldn't take vacations with us, his family, but now he goes away with women every other weekend. That hurts! But it is what it is....and I must move on. I'm better off without him, and that's all that matters.