Monday, August 23, 2010


What a great day!
First day of school for my kids-
first day teaching my little ones for me.

My kids have been very blessed with scholarships-
they attend a private Christian school.
As a single mom,
this still blows my mind.
It was a little scary for them,
as they were starting a new school.
But, all 3 of them had GREAT days!!!
and they go to school
where I teach!
I loved having them there in my room before school,
and getting to see them straight after school!
I loved knowing they were just next door...
and getting to peek at my youngest during her recess!
so many things to be excited about!

I had forgotten,
how tiring
the whole process is!
The lunches, and back packs and breakfasts and uniforms,
the working (and school) all day,
and coming home to homework;
and lunches and backpacks and snacks,
then laying out uniforms and making dinners..
then of course;
the voice lessons and sports and scouts..
oh and of course, church!
After just one day
it all came back though!!

I know there will be moments that I hit the wall..
I know there will be moments when I run out of strength
and cannot find my will power!
I know there will be moments that doing it alone
is more then I can grasp!

but, they will be moments that pass-
I am who I am
I am a mother!
I am other things-
and I have come to understand that more!
BUT I am a mother!
I push and strive and work and grow!
I am a mother!
I give, I cry, I crack!
I am a mother!
I will go to the games, and the lessons ,
I will join in the sports and transport to activities,
I am a mother!
a mother who can do these things!
a mother who knows what it feels like to not be able too..
a mother who understands blessings in the small things...
a mother who gets that in who I get to be,
and what I get to give,
and the ways I get to pour myself into my children;
I become a better person,
I find my center,
my heart,
my wellness!
So much joy resides in the heart of who
we were born to be!
and I know I was born to be a mother..
one of the greatest blessings in my life!


  1. What a wonderful tribute to being a mom!! And I am so glad that you all had good days!!! Makes a huge difference in how you feel if the first day is terrific! I am thrilled for you!

  2. It all will make you stronger AND make you love the week-ends all the more.

  3. I love this post! Seriously, how blessed are you?!?

  4. Perfectly stated! Our school days don't begin for another two weeks!