Saturday, March 28, 2009

heart break healed by children

I have 3 children
my girls are 9 and 7.
They have had turmoil.
But, they have been blessed so far,
to have only lost one loved one.

And yet....
We have a dear friend.
An older man..
their grandfathers age
whom they love,
and whom has been very good to our family.
He is a man who you can call in a pinch
and he will do all he can with no questions.
He raised 9 children on his own
and as they are grown
loves to be around my children.

Yesterday he lost his father.
He was close to his dad
and the death hit him hard.

Last night, I watched my little girls
help him through his hurt!
I listened as they talked to him
and as they heard his memories.
I watched as they shed tears for him.
I heard my 9 year old tell him
"its so sad.
But you will see him again,
and he's happy
in heaven waiting."
I was amazed at their ability
to emphathize with his pain,
and reflect on their only loss
and share in his grief.

Do we give our children enough credit?
Do we daily realize that we have
in our homes
little people
with gifts,
and hearts,
and above all
the ability to give back
and show love for others!

I learnt from my litle girls..tonight!


  1. They sound like wonderful people. I think there are a lot of people who see only the difficulty with children and not the beauty! I only see the beauty. Sounds like you are blessed that way too. Your children are lucky to have you as their mom!


  2. I think sometimes the words of a child go straight to the heart of healing. They can say what's so true and most important sometimes because they aren't caught up in all the grown up stuff the same way we are.
    What a blessing to have children who aren't afraid to express their sympathy for a friend. I fear some kids don't let the feelings out enough.

  3. You're doing a good job, momma!

  4. Amazing little girls you have there! I am always amazed at how empathetic and understanding my children are, and how they comprehend do much more than we think they do. You have raised beautiful young ladies!

  5. I think this is a testament to your parenting skills! Way to go!

  6. I hope we give the kids the credit they are due- i know i have always tried too with my two.......children can heal all wounds