Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The simple truth

We are all in this boat...

Who knew how hard life really was
or how much we each are hurting

who knew that those around were in pain
and could not say
Who knew that life would bring such hurts
and truth would sometimes break us
who knew that in the end
God is the only one who can save us

who knew that life would be this way
and life could be so cruel
who knew that we would toss and turn
and cry out in despair
who knew??

God did
he sent his son..
He knew that we would need him now
he knew that we would drown
he knew that life held so much pain
he knew that we would ache and cry
he knew that we would call out in the dark
without hope or cause to try
He knew that he could save us
and he sent his son to say
my child you need not cry in vain
I love you I am here!

He's come!
the one to turn the tide
to take the pain away
he's come to save a dying world
and he's come to take my hurt and pain
he's come because I need him now
he's come to be the one
he's come to take the life I live
and make it something more
he's come
and now because he's here
I know
I'll be OK!


  1. I can feel your emotion from here. A very inspired post.


  2. faith is the key for sure xx

  3. Wonderful words.

    I left you a little something on my blog :)

  4. To snag the awards I just right clicked the picture and saved them to my computer and then uploaded them in the sidebar and in the post itself :)