Friday, March 13, 2009

she did it again...

My child managed to make me smile..
and if all i have to write about is her..
life could be worse!!

Tonight we were with my sister!
as most families go,
there are different rules
one home to another...

My rule..(one of many, LOL)
no coffee...ever...ok ..not ever BUT not until your older!
I drink coffee and LOVE coffee
and was actually raised on coffee
BUT did not sleep my entire senior year!
Maybe because of all the coffee?? coffee for the kids in my home.
My neice gets to have some of her moms coffee.

So..the scene;
we are at my sisters
sister and I are drinking coffee
Neice come up to my sister and asks for coffee
and gets a yes!
Daughter comes up to me and asks for coffee and gets a

My daughter pulls my neice aside and whispers?
" So how do you make her do it??"

I loved it!
and it made me think...
if life were only so easy, right?
Rules were only there until you figured out the key
to make the rulers change their mind!

Having lived under control
I am so grateful for the ability
to remain 'un-maked' (my word for you can't make me!)
beg, cry, push , pull...
and I will stand!
Unbroken, unbent, un-makeable! (yes, another made up word! :))

Today it is coffee..
who knows...

And bigger
I will learn that these 'rules'
can apply in love as well!
And I can be the one holding the cards...
instead of the one bending
to make it all ok!
I can remain 'un maked'!
I can remain me!


  1. good move- i was raised on strong coffee ( italian parents) and I wouldnt let my kids near it....

  2. HA i remember my dad letting me sit on his lap and giving me a few sips of his coffee!!! I thought i was all that and more!!! It was the coolest!!!

    Perhaps thats why I never slept back then??

  3. Great post! I've never been makeable..haha! Doesn't mean I haven't made mistakes, I too have an ex husband..I just fought a lot and did it anyway!

    I think it's super important to make sure our children aren't "makeable" because we're not always going to be the ones trying to "make them" so I try relating and talking far so good!