Monday, March 2, 2009

the highs and lows

I am amazed at how high the highs are ..
and how low the lows!

I think the biggest surprise is that the lows
seem to catch me unaware...

they wait in the shadows
until I am distracted, unconcerned, beginning to take tentative steps..
and they cut me down at the knees.

The lows are so low!
so sudden
so sad
so empty
so dark...

and then just as fast
the tears all cried
the anger all spent
the emotions exhausted
the lows are gone
now the middle ground is here..
and soon there will be highs that will lift me above the sadness
and remind me how good life really is!

The highs in my life come
when I breathe free air
and hug my children
and spend time with family and friends
the highs in my life are greater then the lows by far

But the lows....
somehow catch me when I am least expecting it!


  1. Yes. They are stealth and get you when you are not prepared..but they get further and further apart and the time you are down after they hit become shorter and's as though you build up an immunity to them after a while. And as long as there are a lot of highs, mostly highs you will have balance.

  2. Things often bring us low when we least expect it. The key is knowing how to climb back up. (By the way if you find the 'key' - let me know!)

  3. The lows pretty much suck, but as long as you're still looking up from below, you'll be okay.

    ANd always remember this scripture that My Mom taught me to memorize when I was in high school when I would get low about something, "And this too shall pass."

  4. Yes, I've been there. Still go there. Hate it when I do. I prefer the highs...those darn lows.