Friday, March 20, 2009

so simple..yet SO huge

I was speaking with a friend ..
she is in the initial stages of a broken heart..
her pain is raw
her future uncertian
Her path not chosen...

as we spoke of the hurt
and the percieved hopelessness
I KNEW this..
the day the realization and reality begins
is the first day and the worst day..
each day from that moment on
is a day closer to being whole ;
each day brings you......
towards the light
and the hope
and the blessing of surviving!

It is true..about time!
It still hurts!
anyone who has lost a piece of your heart,
knows it hurts..
and it will always hurt.

BUT it will not always be raw!
It will not always close your throat
and make it hard for you to swallow!
It will not always feel like a physical tearing
It will not always rip you in two
or bring you to your knees in pain!

It will fade...
sometimes to an ache
sometimes to a throb
and sometimes you will have to remind
yourself that its even there..

each day is a day closer
a better and stronger and healthier tomorrow!


  1. and it makes you stronger...great post, very very insightful. I think many people who are hurt will read your blog and be helped by your understanding.

    I hope your friend heals quickly and with your support I'm sure she will have a shorter journey to a good place than many.


  2. Well said. Sometimes it's good to take it out and dust it off as well, just to remind yourself of lessons learned. Or remember the good.

  3. and yet....ouch! How must it still must hurt, and will hurt as she goes through it,
    There is no pain like your own.