Thursday, March 12, 2009

TOO cute to ignore!

My 7, 9 and 11 year old were having a heated discussion
the merits of private school!
They believe they should attend private school
as they believe that children in private school
would never, ever curse!
and sadly, they have now heard cursing...

anyway.. my 7 yo said"the kids in my class don't curse"
My 9 yo said " thats because you are in 1st grade".
7 yo said " well actually, one boy does curse!"
and she gets big eyed and indignant!
Hand on her hips she says
" the other day he called 'gina' a BIGHEAD!!!! "
We faked suitable amazement at the awfulness of the curse word!
and she nodded gravely at the injustice...

and I...
wanted to eat her up!!
In that moment I saw her not just;
with her sass and cuteness
and desire to grow up...
I saw my baby!
My 7 year old....
who still is just that!
and who one day will know that BIG HEAD
is not really a 4 letter word
but I hope will still be just as indignant
over the offense!


  1. So cute! My kids think the "s" word is either stupid or shut up.

  2. So cute.

    You are very blessed to be their mom.


  3. That is adorable.

    Enjoy that 7 year old. She'll be your joy!

  4. sweet kids.i remember them well

  5. And here I thought Big Head was indeed a curse word!!!!

  6. is!! just not a 4 letter one..LOL!! :)