Sunday, March 1, 2009

Who gets the friends??

One of the hardest things about a divorce is the split of loyalties...

Some are friends, his friends...
some are more gray..our friends!

But, there is no doubt that so many are affected
when 2 people reach the end of the road...

I have found that some friends and family stayed neutral.
Some were too angry to do anything but stay angry..
some have healed and let go as they have watched me heal and let go..

Some have stood on principal..
and some have stood in love!

But, the friendships I have now are so different from friendships in the past.
Those who were my friends then and are still my freinds now
have had to adjust to a new, more fragile at times, more jaded at others, me...
Those who were couple friends
now know me 'coupleless'.

All in all the friendships that survived are the ones that have carried me...
and the friendships rekindled are the ones i would have missed the most if lost..

In the end, it all worked out
just the way it was meant to...
God's pretty good that way! :)


  1. You have a good point. I think divorce has really helped to strengthen some of my friendships. I never knew how much my friends would be there for me until I needed them!

  2. yes, i agree. true friends last the distancex

  3. I'm glad you can still retain those friendships. I know in my past I've lost friends when a relationship ended and it was never easy.