Tuesday, March 17, 2009

incomplete? or un-noticed?

Is something incomplete
if you did not know anything was missing?
Can you still define it as being inadequate-
or not enough
if for you, at the time, it was more then you expected
and all you needed?

I often say about my past...
that this was all for the best!
In hindsight I see
that really there was alot
the connection was incomplete, as best
the desire for what we had
one sided;
the love held back

and so I know
that there is MORE out there
or even MORE alone
because what was- was not much...
and yet....

I only know that now!
At the time
I did not know better-
so it felt full...
and good...
it made me happy...
and content...

so while now I speak with confidence
that this is better
I still wonder if thats truth.
It is... what it is!
I have no regrets .
but if this was not what it is
and the past was still in place;
I would not be saying
that the end should come,
so can i now say it was not enough?
if then it was all that I needed?

Just thinkin......


  1. It was all that you needed then..but you've grown and now you need something different, and so it shall be all the days of your life..growth, learning, change, more growth.

    I'm betting this journal of your growth and insights are going to be invaluable to others on this same journey.


  2. That's why they call this life a journey.

    We never actually "arrive".

    But we have a destination.

  3. Yes, the past was great then! But, you know now it wasn't so!!

    There is much more out there, waiting!! FOR YOU!!!

  4. we outgrow- something that fits so perfectly when you were nine does not fit at 30.
    same with life, situations, beleifs, etc.....to grow we must out grow and our expecations change.
    life Deb xx

  5. Shamrock shakes from McDonald's used to be the best things ever. Now, not so much.