Thursday, March 26, 2009

I love Fridays!!

except its Thusday!

However, my children have no school Friday.
And as I am a pre K teacher
no school for me either!

So, today feels like a Friday!
and I feel so relaxed.
The kids have the TV on..
a no no during the week.

I am on the computer, guilt free
another rare weekday thing...
I have plans with them tomorrow...
and it feels like a holiday!

In my past life, (meaning old marraige)
I was always with my children..
Monday was not much different from Saturday
except their dad was home....
My schedule was the same...
my housework was the same...
my time with my kids was the same...
my stress level was the same...

In my new life,
Monday - friday passes pretty fast!
As a working mom
time (especially home) is short..
as a single mom
time is scarce.

So weekends are exciting!!
and spring break cause for celebration!
and for the first time ever..
I have a vacation planned
alone with my kids..
a week..
no work..
no housework..
JUST me and the kids!

And before now,
I never knew how good the expectation of that
would feel!!


  1. How exciting! Where are you all off to? Or what do you plan to do?

    Sounds like things are good :)

  2. We are going to Melbourne (fl) for a week!! Someone has 'given' us their vacation home on the river, for that time! So we will be 'beaching' it!! Even tho we live in Fl..we don't do the beach like we should! I can't wait!!!!!!!!
    yes..things are really good!!:)