Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just one day.. but one really good day!


was a good day!

Better then so many ways!
and yet for me alot of days are why today?

Well, this is my weekend with out the kids! AHHHH you say! That must be it! However, the catch... on this weekend without the kids...I chose to take time with my kids! And it made it a wonderful day....

My son, I took to lunch!! A date with my sweet 11 year old...we walked through some stores, picniced in the park..then swung and giggled on the swings! I WILL never forget those moments with him!! They touched my heart so deeply!I even tried to talk to him about the 'curiousities' of being almost 12 and the 's' word! To which he sweetly said " mom, this really needs to wait until I am older.." ummm...ok..!

My daughters and I went tonight to support a girlfiends daughter in a beauty pageant! The first that either I or my daughters had seen...a nice night! We cuddled and talked... and snacked on frenchfries on the ride back to their dads.....

And in all of this what made this day so good was the balance..I had some time for me as they are with their dad...But also the time with them..

BUT overall, what made today truelly 'special' was the reminder that I could choose to be without them, yet desired to be with them! The recognition that in many ways..they complete me...and all is right with my world when they are with me! BUT, also the security of knowing that when the day comes to an end, and this is not 'my weekend', I am OK. I LOVE being with my children...but I am OK not being with them. They are safe with their dad..happy in their 2nd home...and I can refresh, ponder, clean:) and relax..and look forward to their return!

Life is so good when there is balance.


  1. So wise and true! I had a girls' night out last night while my son spent the night at his dad's....and I felt much the same way. It was nice to have time to myself AND the time I spent with my son when he came back was even nicer b/c we had both missed each other a bit. :)

  2. You are so fortunate. My children's father has chosen to not be one and it's made their life so difficult. I love having them with me all the time but they miss their dad. What a nice post.

  3. You sound like a great mom!