Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fun times...

I have been a bit out of the loop..
going on almost 3 weeks without a car..
means (for me) almost 3 weeks with out the radio!
My ex husband
(the 1st..the one I get on with!)
was very kind to lend me his car all weekend!
SO, in this car..
(have I mentioned I am carless..ugh!!)
kids and I had the radio on,
our favorite station..
and heard that OUR favorite christian comedian
(Tim Hawkins)
would be an hour from us,
for a free comedy show to benefit Haiti..
so, we piled in the CAR (wonderful word! hee hee!)
and headed over!
WHAT a blast!!

The best part was watching my son..
My son is 12.
He is an 'out of sync' child.
I will not label him and say why..
but, he is different then his peers;
in wonderful ways!
He is HIGHLY intelligent,
but lacking ALL street smarts!
He is literal, and dogmatic and earnest and sincere!
He is clueless about some things,
and way beyond me in most others!
He is completely unaware and uninterested in how the world sees him,
so when he laughs , its with complete abandon!
and tonight he laughed!
He laughed until he cried!
I loved that!

after wards, we waited around a while..
stalked the comedian, a bit..
until we got autographs and pictures!
so simple..
so huge..
so special!
It was so neat to laugh!

But also so important to remember why we were there..
and for a moment join our hearts with our brothers and sisters in Haiti,
and hope to make a small difference in their mountain of pain!
It makes the laughter that much more special,
and the moments more fragile,
when you remember the next moment is not yet ours..
and if it happens its a gift;
not the guarantee we so often count on!
make those moments count..


  1. Nothing wrong with a young man with tears. Especially laughter tears.
    My son is 20 and very emotional and I love that he is. ( He is also in the infantry so certainly still a man haha)
    I love spontaneous, I love free and I love great causes. extra points to do it with kids.

  2. Great post - glad you had some fun with the kids - it's so important!

    Thanks for your comment over at Holli's Ramblings on my Haiti Rant post also :)

  3. PS - I'm your newest follower :)

    Holli in Ghana

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I don't know how you're going 3 weeks without a car! I know I wouldn't be able to go 3 days without mine. Guess exhubby #1 comes in handy after all ;o)