Monday, January 18, 2010

My dreams..

Today honors an amazing man..
and I could never do his sentiments justice and shall not try,
but he inspires us to look beyond ourselves and dream big dreams!

so, after seeing something similar on Sherris blog I have written my dreams..

I have a dream that my children will be protected from trauma
and hurt,
that they will learn through the world around them,
and they will honor the lessons they live.
They will know they are loved and understand their worth
in the eyes of their mother and father, and above all, Lord!

I have a dream that woman will learn their worth,
they will stand up when needed
and be OK to sit back when the moment calls for serenity,
not strength.
That they will see the beauty within just because they ARE!
Not because they DO!

I have a dream that men will love, without shame.
They will cherish and accept the woman in their life,
and look for a better together rather then another life
They will pass on the art of being a man to their boys
and teach their girls what real love and respect looks like!

I have a dream that children everywhere will be held close,
and hear whispered words of love and encouragement.
That parents will ask for help and accept that parenting is hard,
its OK to say you don't know how.

I have a dream that people would look to each other as partners
in this world we have been blessed with,
and see the opportunities to share with others,
rather then stomp on those that are weaker.
They will reach out to one another regardless of skin color, social class,
religion or politics.

I have a dream that animals would be safe and cared for,
and treated with decency, compassion and kindness.
They will be seen as living creatures to care for,
not objects for sport and our pleasure!

My dreams are no so far fetched..
I believe they could come to pass..

and I hope that as we look to the moments we have,
we make daily choices to leave the world,
and the people with in it,
better for having known us!
I hope that our footprints
leave traces of love and grace..
and the legacy that is ours to leave
is one that will live on for generations to come!

That is my dream for me....


  1. Some very inspirational dreams you have there... A great post, fabulous idea. Fingers crossed they all come true somehow, somewhere...

  2. Debbie,

    Despite us having slightly different faiths / beliefs. I think we share common dreams. Beautiful post.

  3. I only wish we could protect our children from all hurts and traumas, but I think the best we can d is help them develop the strength and skills to handle the hurts life will inevitably hand them. But dreaming for the best for everyone has great value regardless, and I dream for all those things, too.

  4. I share your dreams too! How I wish they could all come true. Bless you dear.