Saturday, January 2, 2010

goals and dreams for the coming year..

as I write this
my perspective is sharp,
my friend died a few days ago and I am attending her funeral today.
I am re-reminded that life is short..
there are no guarantees,
but how we live belongs to us..

so with that in mind..

My goals:
*make time daily for my Lord.
*eat healthy(ier)- I am pretty healthy. BUT shall tweak it.
*exercise 3 times a week- not lofty, but doable.
*help my children help me- teach them to be more apart of our team.
*make time for family exercise 3 times a week- again, doable.
*spend quality family time daily in some form-even dinner as a family works.
*make an effort to spend time with friends new and old- I can enjoy my time alone TOO much.
*reconnect with the children of a friend who passed away 4 years ago- I lost touch 21/2 years ago, time to change that.
*go on a date- not desperate for this one:) but will set the goal to stop running from it and instead be OK if it happens.
*enroll in college come fall.
*get a new (or new to me) car.
*live with integrity.
*live with grace.
*set an example of 'classy' womanhood to my children.
*Be someone people are better off for knowing.
*strive to stay passionate and purposeful about those things that matter to me.
*stand for what matters.
*let go what does not.

I have learnt that simple is better,
that I don't want to reinvent myself every year,
instead I would like to tweak who I already am.
I would like to continue to move forward,
to grow,
remain healthy inside and out,
and continue to maintain my family unit.
I know I cannot predict what shall come,
nor can I control what shall not!
So, simply and steadily
I keep pressing on..
one day, one step, one year at a time.


  1. Great goals- or stepping stones.
    I love that you will find your lost friends kids, what a lovely idea.
    And good luck in school, I struggled with full-time night school while working and raising mine and it was tough but so rewarding. you can do it!

  2. Just surfing by and stopped in to read. Your goals are noble. Sweet looking kids. Very sorry about your friend. Have a good year. God Bless.

  3. I am so sorry for you loss but I hope the rest of the year is better.

  4. I think you are already that example for your kids!

    RE the date thing... I've been attending this divorce care group. It's faith-based (and I'm not) but some of the things they say make sense. One of them was that for every 4 years you were married, you should spend 1 year on your own, before stepping out into the dating world. I don't know how long you've been split (or were married), but I found, based on my OWN situation, that was pretty wise. I took 2 years but I should have taken 2 more :). I'm past the guideline now and you know what? I'm still in now hurry! So take as much time as you want... you're just FINE, my friend!! xo

  5. Diane,I am actually hoping to start Divorce care at my church next month! I will lead it BUT be learning from it!!!! I had heard that too..and mine is complicated..married 14 years.. so approx 3 years to wait?? well, its been 3 years or so..but I married in between!!! that was 13 months (married) and have been divorced 14 months.. (thats done then!!:)..) its the first one I am all messed up on!! HA HA! BUT, as you say..waiting is NEVER a bad thing!!!!

  6. Debbie, stopped on by. You have a lovely family. Happy New Years! Blessings.

  7. Sorry for your loss of a friend - a funeral is not a good way to start the year but your thoughts certainly are.

  8. Sorry about your friend Debbie, A good a time as any however to assess where you are at and where you are going.

    Good luck with it all, that's a lot of balls up in the air to juggle with and it will give you plenty to blog about in the coming year!

  9. You are an absolute inspiration!

    I will be praying for you as you cope with the loss of Melanie. We need to get together sometime soon!