Saturday, January 16, 2010

conquering and being conquered

I find it amazing that as a single mom..
working to make ends meet,
keep the house together,
have time with the kids..
that in just one short day I can go from hero to villain,
then back again.... a 12 hour time frame...

I watched my daughter cheer lead her first game!
(she is 8 and she has found her calling...)
I got home and yelled at the kids about their rooms..
I hate to yell! I do..
but ugh! I ask and ask and ask..
and well..yell!
I then take the kids to volunteer at a local nature center for an hour,
pulling weeds!
In return we all get free tickets to Disney!
(hero mom!;)!)
We come home..
we wash the dog...
this takes three of us and TWO leashes..
and we still don't get it done right!
BUT, there was great team work involved!
We WON the battle with the alpha dog!.. a step..
and then I begin the arduous process of stripping, cleaning and resealing all the grout
in the kitchen and bathroom floors...
OK..this made me a hero to me!! first Do it yourself job ever!!LOL!
then...take the kids,
to get Chinese..
on the way we have a conversation
son and 2 daughters..
about a woman's time of the month as my 10 year old brings it up..
gets quite complicated I must say...
and my 8 year old pipes up about what she heard 'sex' was..
and my 12 year old tells me he is HORRIFIED that I will be
having the 'talk' with her on any level..
and we have a wonderful chat as a family..
about not the normal 'on your way to Chinese stuff' for most people,
but pretty normal 'on your way to Chinese stuff' for us!:)..
we get home..
I put another layer of sealant on the floor..
dish up the Chinese..
and watch a GREAT movie with the kids!
(second hand lions!)
We laugh and cry..
I then send them to bed..
been a good, full day..
and as I am putting ANOTHER layer of sealant on ALL this grout..
youngest comes out for water WAY past going to bed..
and I end the day on a 'VILLAIN' note!

and then wonder..
how does one person
do so many different things,
feel so many different ways,
and experience so many different emotions all in ONE day??
No wonder I am ready for bed..
welcome to mommy hood, huh?


  1. Debbie- I can't even imagine! You are doing a great job...keep up the good work.

  2. Oh my, I was feeling tired just reading all that. Well done to you... It all sounds pretty fab to be honest.

  3. Wow!
    You did ALL this in just ONE day? Does the name Lyndsay Wagner mean anything to you? lol :)

    It sounds like you have a great balance. You've spent so much time, quality time at that with your kids today that I'm sure the odd villainous moment will be forgiven.

    I used to "go off" at the kids sometimes. It was purely involuntary and I recognised it was purely unwarranted. I made a concerted effort not to do so and it worked. The kids somehow acknowledged the fact that I no longer raised my voice or laid down silly parent/kid rules and they responded subconsciously by just being more mature and responsible. The minute I stopped treating them as kids, they sort of acted as adults! incredible really!

  4. Super mom! Go you! I fall short in the grouting category I must say :)

    Life's just like villains, just humans

    You are amazing

  5. Every now and then I 'meet' someone online I really wish I lived near, so I could hang out in person with them -- have lunch out, go to a movie, let our kids get together and play, etc. And you? Are definitely one of those people. You rock. You are an inspiration to single mothers everywhere... hell, to WOMEN everywhere! xo

  6. Yes mommyhood times two when you are doing it alone. That was a pretty event filled day you must admit. And the children run the gamet of emotions right there with you.
    That is life. and you are doing it well