Tuesday, January 26, 2010

being the change??

In my last post..
I mentioned the rings my son and I wear!
now for me they are sentimental..
he does not so much care if I wear one,
at least I don't think he cares!
BUT, here is why I got them!

My son has a very literal brain.
Due to who he is,
he sees in only blacks and whites.
Gray is not a possibility for him.
He is highly intelligent and dogmatic in his views.
Social skills are not his gifting,
and his brain and ability to skip grades and cap tests does not help this deficit!
In addition, his strong sense of right and wrong,
sets him apart from many of his middle school peers!
sometimes painfully so!
He will not tolerate cursing, or crude pictures.
He will not allow kids to tell 'dirty' jokes
around him or his sisters..!
Kids don't get him...
and he is isolated.
When I have talked with him about all this,
he feels that by not speaking up
he is compromising his convictions.
He understands and accepts the price he pays!
For this special child..there is no other way!

In many ways,
my son and I are cut from the same cloth.
BUT, I being a people-pleaser
have compromised to make others happy!
He does not have this same need-something I admire deeply!
I can take my stands and because I love people,
they accept me even when they think I am zany!
He takes his stands without sugar coating it
and really does not care if he is accepted or what they think!

He is different!
He is..just who he is!
He does not flow ...
his rhythm is not in step with the rhythm of others!
He is an 'out of sync' child!
and I love him so much for this!..
this quirk that makes him who he is!

I know the road that he is walking is hard..
I know that kids are cruel,
but I am SO proud of him!
HE does not want to save the world,
or join the peace corp like me..
he thinks I am kind of whacky in this area!:)
he is not a vegetarian
like his mom..
in fact he harbors a desire to live off the land
and hunt! *GASP*
He is not a pacifist
again, like me!..
he is republican in this area, ALL THE WAY..
his ideals are different!
BUT equally as strong!

I love his sense of who he is..
and his lack of need to be who others think he should!

and so..when I saw the ring,
I wanted him to be reminded that it starts with him!
It may only be him standing up to cursing,crudeness and offensive behavior!
and I bought one too..
not for me,
I take my radical stands!
It is ingrained in me that it takes ONE..

I wear it,
so that when I glance down..
I think of the journey my child is on!
I remember the path before him..
and my heart is connected with his trial
in spite of having to let him walk this road alone.
as the inscription on our rings say:
be the change you wish to see in the world!

It starts with you!
no WAIT! its starts with me!!


  1. I think you may need to write a book. :-)

  2. well.....one day I would actually like to!!:)
    and when you right your preschool book we can swap!!:)

  3. Wow ... what a beautiful, powerful post. Your son is an amazing, strong young man. We need many more like him!!!

  4. him being different is going to take him very far in life. He's an individual and that's great.

  5. I agree with Shawnie!! This is an amazing post! I am a people pleaser too and my seven year old completely doesn't care what other people thing. I can only hope that he will grow to be like your son in his convictions!

  6. Kelly H-Y- I am proud of his strength and pray daily it will carry him over the bumps.

    Danielle- thankyou! I , however, and muddling my way along! learning as I go!

    Paul-I agree!! I LOVE individuals!!!

    Julie- I think all your kids have the 'foundation' and supportive circumstances that will develop them into strong convicted individuals!!!

  7. Truly a shiny post. Wonderful son you have there, Blessings.