Friday, January 1, 2010

perfect recipe for New years ..and some drama..

new years eve..
I had so many ideas of what it would look like..
I started with plans for us as a family
to join my best friend and her kids
for lunch..
a treat..
so off we went!
On the way
the kids say
"mom we smell smoke"..
"must be the car next to us"..I say!
" smoke coming from the car."
"ok.." I say.."don't panic, we are almost there!"
"mom..there smoke inside the car!"
"mom, get us out..its gonna blow..get out , get out"..
(little bit of panic!)
I will admit, I did not panic!
I pulled the car over, smoke coming from the front, back and in between..
and all I could do was laugh!
it was a laugh or cry moment!

I let her cool, added oil, added water..
and inched her home until she arrived in the driveway where she now sits!!
BUT, it left the rest of the day not as planned!

I called the kids dad...
who willingly took the kids and I to rent our movie and pick up take out dinner.
he dropped us back home,
with all we needed to continue our night!
(this is the reason its WORTH staying on good terms...
you WILL in moments be allies, with children and their needs and wants in common.)

and so..
the rest..
was EXACTLY as imagined!
We watched a movie together!
My son put on a 'firework' display!
He took the whole thing very seriously
using phrases like"
"excuse me folks".
"please stand by as there are technical difficulties"
"please stand back, I am a professional"..
and many other (serious to him) comments that made the night perfect!!
We made it inside at 10 minutes to midnight..
toasted with grape juice..
ate homemade bread with oil and spice dipping sauces..
kissed and hugged at new years..
(and yes, they wondered if that was all there was to the ball dropping!!)
We pulled out the pullout couch and recliner
and finished the night with a family sleepover in the living room!
most fun I have had on New Years!
(with or without a man in my life..)
hard to top...!:)


  1. Oh boy..that was dramatic! Smoke or steam? Sounds like the fireworks started before the fireworks started!

    Happy New Year!!!


  2. ha! breeze ..drama is readily available in my family!! LOL! it was definatly smoke!!:( cars retained the smell of it! yuck!! still no had the grace to blow up on a holiday!! HA HA! Happy new year my friend!

  3. Whoa! Drama on NYE!
    Sounds like you all had a great time in the end though Debbie, You need to get that car sorted. It may turn out to be a simple oil leak that has dripped onto the exhaust.

    Happy New Year!


  4. Oh no! I have also been in the situation of the worst possible time for car issues. How awful and yet- so great that your ex was willing to help you out and it all worked out great!
    New year, new beginning.
    If you recently put oil in your car it could have been on the engine and burning off.. or maybe you have an oil leak?
    scary, good luck

  5. definatly some kind of oil leak..I hope thats what was causing the smoke...*sigh*...always something!!:)

  6. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog-
    and I am glad I have the chance to visit yours!
    I found your New Year's Eve plans very sweet-and what great memories you are making with your kids. I give you a lot of credit as you are charting the waters as a single mom...

  7. Awww, your night sounds perfect (well, except for the 'she's gonna blow' bit... hope it's not too serious!). Here's to a wonderful 2010! xo

  8. Debbie, I am always full of admiration for you, becos you have 3 kids and am managing so well. I have one and already it's kind of a struggle, but still coping.

    But do get help when you need and do not overdo and stress yourself. May God always be by your side. Hugs.

  9. May the rest of your year be as good as the start!