Friday, January 22, 2010

such a thing as TOO alone...?

I love being alone!
I really do!
I am not sure when I made the switch
from getting through my alone time,
to thriving on it!
For the first 35 1/2 years of my life..
I hated to be alone!
for the last 6-8 months of my life,
I have come to prefer it!
I would rather see a movie alone, then with a friend!
Its Friday night and I could not wait to get take out and start my new book..
I have many friends!
I have married friends,
who welcome me into their families,
I have single friends
who are always up for dinner or coffee..
yet, I rarely seem to choose this lately!

I wonder,
if its healthy!
Do I like being alone too much??
the things is,
other then every other weekend and a night during the week,
my kids are always with me!
I never get a sitter or go out when they are here,
why would I need to, as I have that time when they are with their dad.
and as they age they are people!
They converse and think and need...
I work with children and have wonderful co-workers!
My best friend is one of my co-workers so we chat daily!!
I go to church on Sundays and visit with friends..
and participate in a small group just for single moms.
I go to church on Wednesday nights and facilitate Divorce Care classes,
after having dinner with my best friend and her family!
My kids have ball practice during the week and I see other people!
I talk to my parents and sisters on a daily basis!

I am not really a hermit!
and I am reasonably social..
so I hope its a good thing
that on my weekends alone,
I plan things to do
that I enjoy,
and only sometimes factor in someone else.

Healthy or not,
its been a long road
to get to the place,
that I am comfortable in my home alone..
comfortable out alone..
and most important, comfortable in my own skin..alone!


  1. Debbie, I am like that too, urh so I will have to agree that it is a good thing. lol. What is so wrong about being alone, I actually do like my own company. hee hee Bless you dear

  2. Debbie I'm a miserable old git too :)
    Ha ha, no, it's good that you are comfortable alone. I love my alone time. I really do, I can relate to a take out and a book.
    Great evening!


  3. I think it's perfectly healthy. I would LOVE to have a weekend alone or even an evening. Alone in my own house...heaven!

  4. After a full week of work, I want to be alone too. Hard thing to do in a house full of men. I love them dearly but there is always someone home. Ah to have the house to myself is a slice of heaven!

  5. I love being alone for about twenty minutes... then I get bored of myself!

  6. I think you're totally normal. Now you can rest easy with my official "normalcy" diagnosis. ;)

    To be honest, I think it's a little off when people can't be alone.

    I do some of my best thinking by myself.

  7. I think we need different things at different times in our life. And I think your desire to be alone just shows how comfortable you are with YOU. And that's a good thing!!

  8. I think it's perfectly healthy and good for one's soul. I think it would be a concern if you weren't so social during the week, but you are so, you deserve the down time every other weekend!!

  9. Being comfortable with your own company has got to be healthy! I hope so, because I am :).

  10. I thank everyone for not just the reassurance that being alone is healthy..but the reminder that I am in such good company!

  11. I think it is a great thing! Being that confident and brave is defidently a plus!

  12. Jeff takes the kids often so I can work...while it's not QUITE the same as not working, sometimes I just relish the ALONE of it all and do something really bad like watch House on Hulu. Lol Besides, if any of us showed up with coffee and pastry during your alone-ness you would love and embrace it. I say this means you are GROWING UP and learning that there is good in everything. I personally think that you are pretty awesome!

  13. Steph..yes, I will accept coffee and pastries and time with you ANY time!

  14. I am married with three kids and I love when I have the house to myself - and I keep the TV turned OFF.

    You have a beautiful family, btw. I stopped in after reading your comments on Secret Agent's blog.