Thursday, January 21, 2010

MY obsession with the phantom

For Christmas I got the girls AND me,
tickets to go and see the Phantom of the Opera.
This is my 4th time seeing it;
The previous 3 were with my first husband.

The first time I saw it
I was 20..
and I will never forget the way the music touched me..
it filled every pore in my body,
and reached right through the window to my soul!
I fell in love with the music that night!
I am not artsy..
or cultured,
so this was a new thing for me!

For years I listened to the music while cleaning the house,
feeling it,
and hearing it,
and absorbing it.
Aching perhaps for a love that protected from all,
or did I ache for the love that would do anything for me?
All I know is it connected with my being.

when I saw it was coming again to town,
I was torn.
I have not had anyone in my life for 14 months!
and I knew..even months ago,
I would not at the time of the play.
I wondered would I be sad to go?
I wondered if I dared go alone...

I decided to be a big girl:)
and take my daughters,
who share my love for the music
even at 8 and 10.
So we dressed up!

and we had an amazing night,
and it was not sad!
it was beautiful!
and watching them fall in love with it,
and knowing I was there when it happened
was the best part of all...
and I watched in a different place!
My aching is different!
I don't want to be rescued or obsessed over!
I want normal..and soft..and sweet..and balanced!
I still loved the music..
I still closed my eyes and let it wash over me...
but I not longer crave what it promises!
I crave the reality not the opera!
great night and greater lesson!


  1. Ah the power of music is great! Glad you had a wonderful time .with your daughters

  2. I have the DVD of the movie, watch it all the time. The voice and music sends shivers down my spine. Awesome. It's nice to be able to share with your kids. Bless you.

  3. So glad you enjoyed it. I have recently been to Londons West End to see it. I love it, love the music, the whole thing. I posted about it on my blog.
    What's your fave song from it? Mine would have to be The point of no return I think.

  4. I would say my favorite song by FAR is 'all I ask of you'..but i love them all!!!!!

  5. Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime,
    Say the word and I will follow you,
    Say you'll need me with you now and always,
    Anywhere you go, let me go too,
    That's all I ask of you.

    Order your fine horses,
    Be with them at the gate..........

  6. music to my ears..and heart!:)

  7. I gave you my music,
    Let your song take wing,
    And now, how you've repaid me,
    Denied me and betrayed me,
    He was bound to love you,
    When he heard you sing,

    Ahh powerful stuff!

  8. Steve, I am singing the words as I read them! glad I am alone, as a singer I am NOT!:) and yes...powerful!!!!

  9. What a great production. I tend to sing them all the time. So glad I've found another big fan. :)

  10. I love Phantom too, and all musical theater. I am so happy my daughter is old enough to share this with me. Next time "Wicked" or "The LIon King" is in town, I highly recomend that you take your girls.

  11. Michelle, we saw the Lion King about 3 years ago! I now wish the kids had been a bit older! Wicked is on my radar screen now...! would love to see that..!

  12. I love the Phantom of the opera! the music is amazing. What a great gift to share with your girls.
    And good for you to step out of your comfort zone and into a whole new outlook

  13. Let your mind start a journey
    through a strange new world!
    Leave all thoughts
    of the world you knew before!
    Let your soul take you where you
    long to be !
    Only then can you belong to me ...

    SORRY! couldn't resist another! :) hope you were all singing?

  14. just watched the movie with the girls today, as I am layed up with a sinus infection!:( thought of you during 'point of no return'!:)

  15. Oh you've set me off singing again now by saying you thought of me.
    "Think of me, think of me fondly when you say goodbye, remember me, once in a while please tell me that you'll try" :)
    PS I suffer with sinus trouble often :(