Friday, January 29, 2010

She's on a journey to find her wings...

I wear this on a pendant around my neck!
OK its more of a dog tag then a pendant!
NOT really prissy BUT really powerful!
I found it on one of my days alone,
wandering in and out of little stores
in a quaint town near by!

I do believe I have found my wings,
and my journey has paid off!
Often when I speak with woman whose wings are still broken,
I encourage them to take the painful steps
of being alone and THRIVING alone!

and it is painful!
I remember well
crying through movies..
driving to the beach alone
with tears falling in my lap;
thinking is this fun and healthy?
because it does not feel fun and healthy!
BUT, I kept going..
each time got easier!
My first vacation alone...
was sad!!!
BUT, I was SO glad I did it!
all these steps paved the way
to the place I am now!
It did not happen overnight!
It was not easy!
And it did not happen without thought becoming action!
but, it happened!

However, I wonder now..
am I hiding behind my wings?
do I place them around my body as a shield to protect me
from the world around me!
The more I enjoy being alone (a healthy thing)
the less I desire company!
I blogged about this not that long ago.
And I believe that being alone is healthy!
BUT, we are not really 'created' to be alone!
So, is desiring ONLY to be alone healthy??

I cannot truly feel free without knowing
that I could remain free
alone or not.....!!!!

still journeying I guess.....


  1. Debbie dear, we are indeed journeying. At this point in my life, how things have changed and how GOD has stayed with me no matter what I had done. I now know that no one can make me happy nor should I expect anyone to do so for me. I figured that since we will be leaving this world alone, I should get used living my life for me. Family and friends are bonuses. It may sound like gloom and doom but it's merely my way to meeting my maker halfway. Blessings.

  2. If being alone is what is right for you at the moment then it is healthy. There is no time line. There is no rush to get on with others.
    When you begin to stay in your stained PJ's all day and eat only foods delivered to your door and never see the light of day while wallowing with your 25 cats.. then you can worry. For now, do what makes YOU happy, dont worry so much about others. All in good time

  3. I am not in a couple, but am not alone. I do love being by myself, but also miss being a couple :)! Men friends are a good mix, as that is the company I miss after being married. Not that I miss the marriage, but the ways a man thinks I miss very much!

    Still comfortable being on my own. and yes, it is a good, healthy thing. And it makes me appreciate the time when am not.

    Am I rambling? Not enough sleep :).

  4. Journeying. Yeah, I am so with you on that.