Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The dance begins...

As I begin to let down the walls..
JUST a little..
as I begin to let go the hurt...
JUST a lot..
The side effect,
is the dance that begins,
before a step is taken!

The dance of flirting,
and smiles..
The dance of talking
and sharing...
The dance of what if's
and maybes...
a dance that for some is a quick step,
and yet for me is VERY slow waltz.

But, the music is playing..
a hand is reaching for mine...
the dance has begun...
Now, we shall see how this song ends!


  1. Hmmmm, this sounds interesting. Do we get to hear details?

  2. Nothing wrong with a slow waltz. Make it a tango! Slow burning fire and passion.

  3. From a distance you are noticed. Unsure. Is it too soon to dance? A pain to mirror your own, more recent. Fear is there, too.
    From your lowered walls you can see the fortress and the lone figure atop, removing the bricks one by one. One day he will be free...and would ask for the next dance. You've seen him. He sits in the chair against the wall, nervous, afraid. Will there be any music playing when he is strong enough to ask?