Saturday, September 25, 2010

Single has to do,...what single has to do!

As an early birthday present
I bit the bullet
and got my hair done!
so this is different!

I have long since learned
that birthdays alone
can be sad!
or they can be special!
Which one..
is up to me!

I still have a week to go,
but got a head start
with some hair pampering...
and a new style
to go with a new me!

every month of this journey
seems to bring about
a new me..
a stronger me..
a more confident me...

and as time has gone by
it has also brought
a more realistic me!

On holidays
I no longer look
for someone
to take care of me..
instead I set a goal
of something I want
and make it happen!

Today I did that!
A good feeling...
even if I can't wash my hair
for a while......:)


  1. New follower from Spotlight Saturday, hope you'll follow back, thanks!

  2. I know what whenever I get those "Single mom crazies" it is because I am not taking care of myself. Even something so simple as a bubble bath helps. I know if is hard to find time to really take care of yourself with three kids (and we both know I can sooooo relate) you have to!!
    Happy Birthday early, just in case things get crazy on my end and I forget. I am turning 40 in December, please shoot me now!!

  3. Good for you. I agree with the post above me - taking care of ourselves is often on the bottom of the list but SOOOO important!

  4. This reminds me I need to call my hair dresser! You are right... it's a choice... you can choose how to spend your day and be grateful that you have the choice!

    Happy Early Birthday!

  5. Love the hair!! Looks terrific!!

  6. i just love early birthday presents for yourself! i got a new pair of boots as my early gift ;) this florida humidity keeps me from attempting anything with my hair just yet! good luck on your journey and i hope you continue to make the choice to move forward.

  7. I like it. I am taking a weekend trip this weekend, a couple of days after my birthday. It's not really for my birthday, but going is my gift of time to myself on this birthday.

  8. Love the new look. Beautiful as always

  9. Happy Birthday.
    You look fabulous.

  10. You look marvelous! Happy early birthday to you. It is kinda like we are celebrating together but apart. which I think is really cool.

  11. Your hair looks great! Happy birthday!!!