Saturday, September 11, 2010

a heart beat of time..and nothing was the same

I will never forget...
9 years ago,
I was a stay at home mom,
I had 2 small children!
I had 1 on the way!

My life was in turmoil already!
While it was not the crisis
the ultimately ended my marriage,
we were in crisis none- the - less.

My little world was all I knew!
Fighting to survive
and keep my family intact!
Fighting to keep my head above water
as a wife and a mother...

That day,
I was on the phone with a friend..
my small children were playing on the living room floor...
I was folding laundry in the bedroom,
the TV was on..
and it happened!
Watching it live-
it looked like an accident..
a horrible wrong turn!
and happened again!

The whole world changed!
My small little world
seemed so insignificant
as miles and miles away
people fought for their lives!

That day-
My husband and I had an appointment-
the crisis dire
and counseling needed.
We were just starting to make progress...

We drove through deserted streets..
a ghost town
as people stayed inside
glued to the horror happening
before their eyes!

our counselor met with us for the last time..
the tragedy causing her to rethink
the time she spent away from her kids!
We never went back!
I will always wonder
would it have changed anything?

A day that affected the world..
affected this country,
and the trickle down affect
that changed lives in ways
both big and small...
in ways we shall never really know!


  1. What a heartbreaking day for so many reasons. I was at work, in surgery and my receptionist came in and was giving me updates. I called my two youngest sons schools to hear their voices.

  2. I was at work, watching in between sessions and wondering how in the world people were talking about anything else.

  3. It was such a tragic day, and I agree, our little worlds kind of fell away when the big world came crashing to a halt.

  4. I was working that day. I went to the office and there were many people there watching a small tv in the principal's office. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. we were told that we couldn't say anything to the students. It was one of the hardest days of my life: going back to my classroom and act like nothing was wrong.

  5. I hope none of us forget that day!!

  6. I was having my daily coffee routine it suddenly turned out to be the most horrible day of my life! I lose grip on my cup unconsciously and was unable to move a single muscle for a minute or two. Still shaking each time I recall that feeling.

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