Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My hiding place..

*disclaimer- I feel this and express this- but in a truthful not unhappy place. Something I wrote one night..something today I may feel. tomorrow I may not!

My fears are very real
they hide beneath my smile-
If I forget, in a moment..
its only for a while.

I sometimes express myself in words
I sometimes hide and cry
but, my fears will always find me
no matter how I try-

My fears have become
my friend and my foe
and how long they shall stay,
there is no way to know..

But, letting them go
saying goodbye
is sometimes bigger then me..
sometimes too hard to try!

My fears protect me
they keep me safe
my fears have become
my hiding place-


  1. Debbie! You write rhyming poetry! Wonderful. Sorry I've been away..glad to be back. My life has been crazy but good things are happening. Take care friend.


  2. Breeze, never really have before..:) just kind of came out this way! I have missed you! SO Glad all is well!!

  3. Catching up. I suspect you'll know when you don't need your fears quite so much.

    And love, love, love the previous post.