Monday, September 13, 2010

slow motion in fast forward....

as life begins to change.
as I begin to slowly let others in...
as I accept the calls
and conversations...

sometimes it all feels like
its rushing at me..
sometimes a crawl
can feel like a run!

Two steps forward in opening up,
one step back as I shut down!
Back and forth..
Back and forth...
Sometimes I rush,
sometimes I run..
Sometimes I barely move...

And when I fear,
its all too much!
That no-one will understand!
No-one would take things
slower then slow..

I remember that the one
who might break through this wall,

and I resume the dance..
and take the steps forward,
knowing that at the next spin..
I might skip backwards again!

but also knowing that I will never know
what the next song shall be...
unless I finish the dance!


  1. I really like this! So well written!

  2. Yes it is a dance of sorts!! A Cha-Cha!! Back and forth...over and over! One day will hear a different beat and the dance will change. Then things get interesting!!

  3. Hi Debbie, it's been some time, but now I am back into blogging. I was pretty stressed and tired and needed a break, but it seems I could not stay away from my blogging friends. SO here I am again. Doing some catching up with your previous posts .. you so into poetry now yeah. Lovely pieces. Pray that you are well. Blessings