Wednesday, September 1, 2010

thoughts or lack of them...

I am so tired..
but really happy.
Tired is just part of a busy parents life,
busy is part of the package also.
but happy is good.

The kids are adjusting to school,
I love my job!!
we have the schedule under control,
and the house is in order.
Simple- sweet!

I often wonder when I will start wanting more.
and I am often told I will know when I am ready!
I agree-
but, I still wonder!
It still seems to me,
that this little life I have
does not leave room for interruptions-
or distractions.

Maybe that would change-
but, for now,
in this moment-
I am happy to have a job!
Glad able to provide for my kids!
Excited that I look forward to going to work.
And a little shocked that my house is clean...

a moment!
this moment!
my moment!
Life= just enough!


  1. So pleased that life is working out for you. You definitely deserve it and you are doing it all by yourself :-)
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. I am glad that things have worked out so well for you and the kids!! Congrats on a clean house...I am still working on that one! Ha!

  3. It's wonderful to hear that things are going great for you! I'll check back in oh lets say November and we'll see if things are still this great ;o)

  4. I love your perspective and your postitive attitude. I am really happy for you. I remember when my kids were younger thinking the exact same thing.

    Now, my kids are grown, I make a good living and no longer struggle, but I really miss those days. The days when it was simpler. Hold on to them, because they are gone way too soon.

    I really do love your blog.

  5. Happy to have a job is indeed worthy of a public shout-out these days. Keep being happy! Life is good.

  6. Sometimes Just enough is more than plenty!

  7. :) this makes me happy! I am so happy that things are good right now!