Friday, September 3, 2010

so much much the same

SO, I am back in school!
My first go round was horrendous!
High school was a joke to me-
a place to make friends.
college was not much better!
A defining quality was my 'last minuteness'
with everything!

yesterday I found history repeating itself!
My 2nd class-
assignment was to read the chapters!
I had yet to buy the book!
trying to balance it all
and this was missed in the shuffle!

SO, off to class I go
to buy the book..
I get to the book store
and out of my bag tumbles
several empty toilet paper rolls !
(I am a preschool teacher by day!)
I ignored the curious glances,
stuffed them back in my bag
and bought my incredibly overpriced book!

Now, to read it...
I stop in the cafeteria,
a few guys playing pool
but quiet other then that!
Until they spoke..
4 letter words I could not define
as part of their vocabulary!
They were not mad, or even making a point!
Just talking!
A generation of men that do not notice
a woman in the room-
or at least see reason to watch their language
around one.
so, off I go.

I finally find the learning center
only to get confused by the signing in and out
and exactly what you can and cannot do in there!
BUT the book got read-
I made it to class...
I survived the night!
and am still excited about the fresh start!
BUT Oh my...
times have changed..
but based on my 'last minuteness'
I guess I have not! :)


  1. Oh, you have! And you're going to do beautifully! Because it's what you do!!! Congrats! I'm so proud of you!!! xo

  2. It's just adjusting to the new - you'll do great!

  3. Yes there was a time bad language was never used in front of a lady, now it is just part of life and even worse there are "ladies" who use the 4 letter words more than the guys do.
    So glad you are settling into the school session, good luck....:-) Hugs

  4. I can't even imagine being in school. Culture shock for sure.