Monday, September 20, 2010


sometimes it seems
that many people
seem to feel
they know..
whats best for me!

Move on they say
get out
take a chance...
live a little...
don't let life pass you by!

And yet..
2 major life changes
2 lost loves
2 disappointments
2 dreams disintegrating into ashes
1 severed heart
broken twice...
in the space of 3 years..
seems more then just,
a 'let it go' event!

Do I fear?
of course!
But, what I know
sf that as of now...
I do not want to move on
in the way others wish!
I do not need to move on
in the way others hope!

I am not stagnating in my life!
I am thriving
and living
and laughing!
I am so content!

and here is what I understand..

I have MOVED on!
Life is NOT passing me by!
I AM living a little..
I have TAKEN a chance!

Its in the moments I smile
when I would rather cry!
Its in the days I work
when I would rather curl up in bed!
Its in the situations when I parent
when ignoring would be easier!

Its in the times I laugh
because its funny!
Its in the days
there is no where else I want to be instead!
Its in the knowledge
my life is what it should be!
Its in the peace
that this is hard but I am doing it!
Its in the contentment
of knowing I am not alone!

Moving on is in the moments..
not the circumstances!
Moving on is in the strength..
not a person to share the load!
Moving on is in the choices..
not the regrets!
Moving on happens...
with every step forward a broken life takes!


  1. This is great for us all to remember. And we all move forward in our own way in our own time. ♥

  2. I love this. We all heal in our own ways and its something that we have to make our way through. What others want or expect is for their own peace of mind. Live your life the way you want to feeling every single feeling that you have, its the only way to move forward. Keep on moving on, eventually those around you will see the places you will go.

  3. Amen! You know what is right for you!