Saturday, April 17, 2010

back to basics..

so I hit bottom..
at least there is only one way
to go from there.

I am learning
that there really is no way to plan.
Life has a different schedule
then I do.
Some weeks things go one way
and it feels like its all flowing,
with three kids, a full time job, several animals..
and plenty of activities..
things only stay the same a few days a time.
So as soon as I settle
there is a disturbance.

So, instead of creating a permanent solution,
I dealt with this weekend as is.
Knowing that no matter what happens this weekend
next weekend will look different..
THIS weekend
I got the oldest to camp, packed and on time.
I got the youngest to the birthday party
she had anticipated all week.
I managed a girls night with my daughters
last night,
complete with doing nails, eating junkfood
and watching a movie..
I had some alone time with my middle child
VITAL for her (and me!)
I went running while the girls rode their bikes
beside me,
and I did the yoga DVD I have been dreading.
and then I did all the things that must be done..
The house, the laundry, the pet care, the organizing...

The amazing part
is I got ALL that done
and it leaves me a whole day left..
what a wonderful feeling.
Once more learning
when we think we are done
we will surprise ourselves..
and when we push through
we should reward ourselves.

I shall enjoy time at church tomorrow..
and then I shall come home
and take a needed
guilt free afternoon
for me!!


  1. Good for you......I was exhausted just reading everything you accompolished.....:-)Hugs

  2. Good for you...taking time for yourself is so crucial! Enjoy your day!

  3. Where's the Like button? LOL!

  4. Yes it is a wonderful feeling to see that you got everything done and still have a day for yourself! Enjoy the day, do something fun!

  5. That's a lot to accomplish - I'm glad you decided to take some time for yourself at the end of it.