Wednesday, April 7, 2010

my word...

I have seen blogs,
and face book status updates
that go along the lines of..
if you had a 'word'
that described you or your life
what would it be?

I wish mine was something
and breath taking!
BUT, its not..
the word that is my life
Not a day goes by that
something does not go differently
then planned!

Monday our beloved family cat
was hit by a car..
Tuesday a homeless cat
that visits to eat;
had kittens in our utility room!
did not see that coming...
That same day
middle child
develops high fever!
home bound for a bit!
Then this morning
I had a physical
and received lab results..
no so great!
anemic and LOW white blood cell count..
have to build in time for follow ups!

The point is
that NOT one of these events
was planned for!
It was not on my 'to do' list
and yet,
its part of life!
so flexible it is..
my word..
my life..
my moment!

Maybe one day it will be stability
or security..
or comfortable...
or infatuated..
or cherished...

BUT, today it is what it is..
and what it is constantly changes
from one moment to the next..
it ebbs and flows
rises and falls..
there are ups and downs..
there are smiles and tears...
sometimes all in the same day,
or hour.
so I will accept my word
and continue to be
what for now seems to be my calling..
Thats my word..whats yours?


  1. Flexible is a great word! What would describe me? Laid-back. :-) (Or grounded)

  2. dads house-I like grounded....!!!that will be my next word..when I actually get there!!:)

  3. Great word flexible. It is the stage you are at. I suppose mine would be strong or maybe content. Great post

  4. Hmmm! What would my word be?? Contented I guess. Everything is going well and I feel real good about myself!! I like where I am at right now. Flexible is a good word too. You have to be to move ahead nowadays.

  5. Iv'e never been able to settle on a word. So maybe I should choose "undecided." :)

    Flexible is key. Life has a way of throwing one surprise, good and bad, after another at you and if you can figure out a way to roll with the punches, you are lost. It's a quality well worth having.

  6. I think mine would be... multi-tasker because i'm slowly but sure learning to do 100 things at once! Being a mom is hardwork, but adding two more kids into the pictures its even more crazy! Thank God for naptime!

  7. That is a good word to be. I know a few people that aren't, and it makes them a lot of other words. :)

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  9. not a soccer mom-strong and content are GREAT words!

    Social Butterfly- so get this word!

    Slommer *sigh* contended!!

    Secret agent- your 'undecided' made me laugh!

    Brittany-yes, as a mom 'multitasker' is vital, huh?

    Danielle- LOL!

    Letherton- will stop by with pleasure! thanks for the visit!

  10. Huh, a word that describes me right in this moment of time? The first word that jumps to mind is becoming. Not necessarily in the physical description sense, although I am content with my looks most day. I am shifting, and growing, and changing, and finally I think that I am becoming something. So "becoming", which I am proud to say to me.

  11. i know, I know... It's 'Seeking'. Forever seeking in all areas of my life, and hope I do hope know it when I see it. :D