Monday, April 5, 2010

priorities..? where to start...

Some times I wonder if I
will ever ACTUALLY
catch up
on all that needs doing.

I have a week off for spring break,
if I spent the week doing
all the things I SHOULD;
dentists, Dr's,and misc appointments;
I would have no time for anything else.

If I spend the week
NOT doing those things,
I have to take off work
or put those things off
until the summer!
I also have a yard full of JUNK,
stuff that has accumulated
or been moved and needs a home,
a trailer full of things to sort,sell
or toss,
kids rooms that have been 'let go'
to some degree
for months
(you know, the closets and under the beds.!)
I am moving my middle child into my room,
(I get the couch)
which involves sorting EVERYTHING
theirs and mine...
I have animals that need baths
and cages to clean,
a car thats a disaster area,
a porch to sweep and tidy,
weeds and weeds and more weeds...
A utility room that has become a 'catch all'
therefore its time for a clean,
not to mention its a new addition
and needs a coat of paint!
I have laundry to do..
winter clothes to put away,
summer clothes to sort out..
I will admit my artificial Christmas tree
is STILL on my porch..
still assembled..
I am sure with all types of things
nesting in the branches!!

So where do you start??
Its a problem working moms
married or single have..
but being single means
I also have the oil to change,
the yard to mow (or get mowed)
the shed to clear out,
the green house to de-weed..
ect, ect, ect...

so when do you throw up your arms in defeat?
how do you pick the priority?
as in truth
they are ALL priorities..
and this is the week off!:)
its almost funny...
because in addition to all that
my FIRST priority
is my kiddos!
Time with them
a week for them off school,
and time that we don't normally have!

OH, and have I mentioned
and eating right?
and a few minutes here and there for me?

so, now that I know
how much there is to do..
and I really would rather ignore it all..
I will take it in pieces and steps..
and maybe the priority is NOT doing it all..
but instead doing all I can,
and learning to live with
or without the rest!

Because ultimately
getting your to do list done,
yet living in stress and dysfunction
may not make the to do list so worth doing...


  1. Stressing over undone things is definitely not the way to go. I vote enjoy the kids and maybe do a few of the things that are most pressing. The kids can help out too!!
    Have a wonderful spring break!

  2. Those things will still be there later, your kids won't. Enjoy the now and them being kids. Before you know it, they'll be gone and you'll have plenty of time to get the other things done.

  3. enjoy your time with the will get to the other things when the time is right. (and don't feel bad about the Christmas tree...I still have one up..hee this point, I am thinking I should just leave it there) Happy Spring Break!!!

  4. I feel stressed just reading this list.. and I have one of my own! I think the important thing is to take a deep breath. Assess and start at the beginning.. which I know isn't easy. Get your kids involved and make it fun. My mom used to crank the radio and we'd all get busy. At the beginning we'd complain, but half way through I'd actually enjoy it. Afterwards it was so great relaxing and enjoying a clean house! :)

  5. Enjoy your kids, let them help by making a few games out of doing things with small but fun can and will be a fun week. Just being together is the most important thing ever!!!!!!.....:-) Hugs

  6. you have a beautiful family...spend time with the kids first enjoy and have fun the work will always be there for later...enjoy your spring break!

  7. so so first..then all the stuff!!!! Love some of the ideas of tackling it together!thank you for that!

  8. I am so anal that I just never sit down. I am constantly picking up or doing something.
    You list stresses me out! Good luck

  9. So true- this time of year is when all the work starts but for me, it is the best time. I always feel more energized in the spring. The sun makes me sprint.
    Also, as a single parent it is twice the work but when I was married he was like a fourth child so I am better off...
    Make a list, try to prioritize it, get the kids to sign up for a few with you. Then take them out for an ice cream after each 'work day'. Those work days don't have to be this week. maybe saturday or sunday mornings